This is by Deborah Monson (maiden name: Cassandra Kennedy)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Really sweet prophetic word spoken over me last month

This is for Deborah: “Deborah, I believe I hear the Lord saying, ‘there is a season he’s bringing you into where you’re a supernatural mother, but it’s not just for your own children, He said, I see the Lord put you before a table and it’s like a draftsman’s table is what it looks like but it’s not a draftsman’s table but you’re illustrating a book, He’s given you the ability of a prophetic gifting to illustrate. To bring out with your mouth and paint pictures. You have a gift that as you begin to speak what will roll out of the inside of you is full color 3D. And people are able to understand that they need to know because what your prophetic gift is what you simply, even yourself Deborah you say is Father what would you have to say to whoever and you say the name and I believe the Lord is saying and you just begin to fill her mouth also. I thank you Father that Deborah does not operate according to what she has in head knowledge but You’re bringing her Holy Spirit into a place where she operates out of God knowledge. My God is THIS BIG. And that’s one reason when I saw you sitting at the table it was like you were illustrating children’s books. I got to lookin’ real close though and I watched in this vision you handed off the book you were illustrating, you handed it off. You didn’t hand it to a kid you handed it to an adult. And that guy had to be 70 years old. He opened it up and he just got totally illuminated, his eyes got wide and he started laughing and he goes, “yeah!” and he could feel the whole thing. Why? You simply allowed what was inside to come out. And you began to illustrate and you did it with your words. Your words are what painted the pictures in the book. You words are what brought the full color to life and the 3D come out. And that was what did it because the Lord says I have given you the gift Deborah to open your mouth and pave the road in front of you and in front of others. And I hear the Lord saying, “Deborah, speak my word and watch people change, watch situations change, but especially ahh, I saw you aiming into a place of worship praising God for the spoken word that always brings changed life. You were talking that way and God expanded you and everything that you were saying that way. I encourage you to do so. God Bless you.